Best of Talk (04/28/04)

May 15, 2004
By Dina Hess

Title: Multiple Instances of CFMX on JRun
Date: 04/28/04      (7 Posts)
Summary: Find several good resources for setting up multiple instances of CFMX on JRun, including a Macromedia TechNote and an article written by Brandon Purcell. To create a Windows service for each JRun server instance, use jrunsvc.exe located in the CFMX \bin directory. Syntax is provided.
Title: Postponing a CFHTTP Request
Date: 04/28/04      (7 Posts)
Summary: Developers offer suggestions to prevent user delays during CFHTTP post the use of the TIMEOUT attribute with CFTRY/CFCATCH.
Title: CF Newbie Trying to Write to a TXT File
Date: 04/28/04      (16 Posts)
Summary: Need to pass a Flash variable to CFFILE in order to write a text file? Find a working solution that includes both the Flash button ActionScript and the CFML code. This thread also offers a recap of Flash/CF development options.
Title: Allaire CF Studio
Date: 04/28/04      (17 Posts)
Summary: Looking for an alternative to Dreamweaver MX that mimics ColdFusion Studio? Try Homesite+ (located on the Dreamweaver MX CD), Homesite 5.5, or just stick with ColdFusion Studio 5 and upgrade the tags.

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