Macromedia Introduces Breeze Product Line: Interactive Web Presentations for the Corporate Market

Feb 24, 2003
February 24, 2003 -- At the Training 2003 Conference and Expo in Atlanta, Macromedia announced the availability of two new products under the name Macromedia Breeze, designed to help companies easily create and deliver online presentations for e-learning, training, and general communication over the Web.

Macromedia Breeze Training (formerly Presedia Express Trainer) is a fully automated learning solution that leverages common business tools like Microsoft PowerPoint and the web for rapid, easy, and consistent online training. This program allows users to quickly and easily create, manage, deliver, and measure multimedia courses delivered with Macromedia Flash. Macromedia Breeze Presentation (formerly Presedia Express Presenter) allows people of all skill levels to create, deliver, and share online presentations with ease. Both products feature a new user interface to further streamline the process of rapidly delivering online courses and presentations as interactive, Macromedia Flash applications. They are available through either a hosted or licensed enterprise solution that addresses business users looking to easily and cost-effectively create, deliver, and manage online presentations and training content.

Kevin M. Lynch, Vice President of Sales and Product Marketing of the Breeze Solution (not Kevin Lynch who is Chief Software Architect of Macromedia), stressed that the whole point of these new Breeze products is that they make information (in this case the Powerpoint slides and presenter?s voice that are so widely in use in businesses today) more convenient for users, no matter what their knowledge of the Web or of programming. "Breeze uses the great technology that MM has developed [(Flash)], but it's not really a high tech product that you're overwhelmed with -- It's like a car. You don't really care how the engine works. We are trying to take the technology we have and make it accessible to line of business owners and marketing managers."

This is part of what Macromedia is calling their new Macromedia Information Convenience product line. In issue 116, I wrote up a piece on Macromedia Contribute, a recently released product that allows any user to create and update their static web pages. Like Contribute, these Macromedia Breeze products are designed for corporate users who may not be knowledgable in HTML, CFML or other Web languages.

Visit for more information on Macromedia Breeze, including testimonials, product overviews, and a showcase of two major early adopters of the products.

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