Flex Builder Version 1.5 Released

Dec 22, 2004
by C. Hatton Humphrey

Macromedia recently released its latest version of Flex Builder. This new version, 1.5, is being released to provide support for the new features found in Flex 1.5. The only major feature addition in this release is the ability for the user to "turn off" the design view in the system preferences.

Rather than providing backwards compatability, Macromedia has instructed that parallel versions of the Builder be used. For Flex 1.0 projects developers need to continue running version 1.0 of the application. Flex 1.5 projects should be worked on using the same version of builder. To simplify licensing, the serial number for one version of Flex Builder allows access to both versions of the program.

Boxed versions shipped as of January 7, and there is a 60 day trial version available for download at http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=flex. Existing Flex Builder owners can download and install the trial edition to obtain 1.5 capabilities.

Flex Builder Product Page

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