Adobe/ColdFusion News Brief: April 6, 2007

Apr 06, 2007

by Judith Dinowitz

cf.Objective(): Conference Schedule Up and New Contest Announced

cf.Objective() has put up the schedule for the conference, including some new Top Secret Scorpio! sessions by Jason Delmore and Adam Lehman and a new session on ColdSpring by Dave Ross. They've also started running a contest that gives four lucky attendees a 4GB iPod Nano, and they've announced the first winner: Wil Genovese of WolfNet. The prize will be awarded at the conference at the first keynote. If you want to be in the drawing, just register for the conference soon!

Also, a reminder: The cf.Objective() special hotel rate is only guaranteed until April 12th, so if you're going, you might want to reserve your room now!

cf.Objective() Schedule
cf.Objective() Registration
cf.Objective() News Page

Visibone Releases New MySQL Cheat-Sheet

Those who use MySQL should be glad of this new cheat-sheet from Visibone. Here is a small preview of what you'll find:

The cheat sheet comes as a laminated card, for $10, or a wall chart, for $25, and includes:

  • statements A-Z
  • functions A-Z
  • case sensitivity
  • time and date
  • regular expressions
  • 182 tested examples
  • demystified: JOIN, INNER / OUTER, LEFT / RIGHT, USING (c,c,...), NATURAL, GROUP_CONCAT(), INSTR() versus LOCATE() versus POSITION(), SUBSTRING() versus MID() versus LEFT() versus RIGHT(), SUBSTRING_INDEX() and WEEK() versus YEARWEEK()

SQL Cheat-Sheet from Visibone

ColdFusion Online Meetup Group Headed by Charlie Arehart and Raymond Camden

Steven Erat, who has headed the ColdFusion online Meetup Group for three years, has now passed on leadership to Charlie Arehart and Raymond Camden. Charlie and Raymond have put out a call for ideas on topics for meetups, and have started a new mailing list. According to Charlie, It's a great new way to stay in touch, share info with, and ask questions of each other. via email rather than having to keep checking the website and its message forum. Like most CF lists, the goal is that discussions be CF-related. Only list members can participate in the mailing list.

You can sign up on the site at

Some quick notes on the ColdFusion Meeting mailing list:

  • The email address is:
  • When you send or reply to a message, your email address will be displayed.
  • When you reply to a message, it will go to the whole mailing list (not just the person who sent it).
  • All mailing list messages will also be archived on the Meetup website.

Virtual Ubiquity Blog Announces Work on Flex-Based Real World Word Processor

I find this very exciting, because as an editor, I need a word processor that allows me to work on files both online and offline with my authors without sending umpteen different file versions back and forth. Microsoft Word just doesn't do it for me. I've been using Google Docs as a stopgap solution, but Google doesn't give me the fine control that I need to make changes, track those changes and accept them or pull back on them, while still seeing exactly how the article will look in print. Buzzword, the application that the Virtual Ubiquity folks are working on, may be just what I need. In the blog entry below, they discuss the different technologies they looked at, and why they settled on Flex and Apollo.

Flash vs. AJAX
Checking in on Apollo (InfoQ, April 6, 2007)

Call for Topics for MAX Ends April 9th

If you haven't gotten your topic in for MAX, you should do so before this Monday, April 9th. For more details, visit the MAX site:

Is Flash Better Than Java?

This ZDNet post by Ed Burnette highlights the fact that Flash has been taking away mindshare from Java in the mobile and application space. I found it interesting to read Ed's call to Java developers, now that Java 7 is open, to work together to build an open community around a new Java-based viewer (which we might not even want to call 'Java') and to create a better Java user experience so that there won't be any needless conversions down the road for Java developers.

Is Flash Better than Java? (ZDNet, April 5, 2007)

Judith Dinowitz is Editor-in-Chief of Fusion Authority, the House of Fusion Technical Magazine, and the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update. She is well-known as the CFEditor, having worked on many articles and books for other publications.

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