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Every quarter, we provide you with the well-written, up-to-date, comprehensive articles that you need to be a ColdFusion professional. Each issue is a mini-book of at least 80 pages of content written by experts. Names like Sean Corfield, Raymond Camden, Michael Dinowitz, Charlie Arehart, Terrence Ryan, Todd Sharp, Jason Dean, Jared Rypka-Hauer, and many others. Even our (purposely) limited advertisers are more like supporters than advertisers, showing their dedication to the community.

Our issues are not just a collection of articles. Each issue focuses on one or two topics that are relevant to the ColdFusion programmer. The articles in each themed section build on one another so that by the time you've finished an issue, you've (painlessly) learned a lot! Keeping up with tech was never this much fun.

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Fusion Authority Quarterly Update Vol. 3, Issue 2 (FAQ-U 8)

Fusion Authority Quarterly Update Issue 8 cover - small


The Answers You Need in a Hurry

by Judith Dinowitz


What's Hot? What's Not? - What Were You Most Unprepared for When You Started Programming in ColdFusion?

by Paul Marcotte, Todd Sharp, Matt Quackenbush, Charlie Griefer, Dan Vega

Tipical Charlie: ColdFusion Tools for When the Stuff Hits the Fan

by Charlie Arehart

Let's Talk Security: Application Security Primer

by Jason Dean

Let's Talk Security: SQL Injection: A Persistent Threat

by Jason Dean

Feature Articles

The Things You Didn't Know You Needed to Know

PDF Support in ColdFusion 8.0.1

By Raymond Camden

Integrating with Microsoft SharePoint

by Todd Sharp

Selling Professional Development Techniques in a Resistant Shop

by Terrence Ryan

Come out of the Dark: Manage Projects Better

by Mark Phillips

Sending Email the Right Way

by Mark Kruger

Tuning Your JVM

by Mike Brunt

SOA for the Rest of Us

by Dave Konopka

You Might Have a Performance Bottleneck If . . .

by Adrian J. Moreno


Teaching ColdFusion in a High School Setting

by Pete Ruckelshaus


ORM is a Home Run for ColdFusion

by S. Isaac Dealey


Mylyn - A Task-Oriented Approach to ColdFusion

by Mike Henke

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