QuickTip: Installing CF Custom Tags Remotely

Aug 14, 2000
What if you wanted to install your CFX tags remotely and didn't have access to the CF Administrator?

This question, posed by Sean Harrison on the ACFUG list, brought to light the following operation:

  • Getting the .dll's to the right place is pretty trivial if CFFile and CFDirectory are enabled; You might use CFRegistry to create the required entries, and then it should be good to go. May possibly have to wait until after a machine reboots, if the CF administrator does anything exotic, but possibly not. (Sean Harrison)
  • Just get the CF admin CFX reg page filled out to register the CFX, run RegMon on the cf server (http://www.sysinternals.com/regmon.htm) and hit APPLY. Regmon will capture the registry edits that CFadmin is making. You may have to stop all unnecessary background processes (antivirus etc.) so that regmon only captures the events that you need. I use this technique to troubleshoot and reverse-engineer/bit twiddle win32 apps. (Jim Cable)

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